We’re on a quest to revolutionize the crypto landscape by introducing a token focused on unity and community, inspired by Elon Musk’s influential presence. The token’s primary goal is to raise funds for charity, with an eager anticipation of Elon’s guidance on where these proceeds should make a meaningful impact. Through engaging community activities, we aim to overcome challenges, dreaming of making a significant mark in the expansive realm of crypto possibilities.

Our vision is clear: to prove that with unity, transparency, and unwavering commitment, we can create the best culture token in the world. Together, we can make a difference, spark change, and set a new standard for what a community-driven cryptocurrency can achieve. Join us on this remarkable journey as we forge a path towards unity, charity, and a brighter future for all.


  • binancecoinBNB$246.77-1.28%


TOTAL SUPPLY: 100 000 000

  • ethereumEthereum$2,038.51-0.38%


Source: CurrencyRate


💵100,000,000 $LOE 💵
🟢60% – PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool (LP)
✔️ Ensuring liquidity and stability on PancakeSwap.
Secure your share of the LP for a robust trading experience.📊
🟢 20% – Presale
✔️ We’re looking for strong, committed holders to set the foundation.
Lock-in period: One week after launch to prevent presale dumping. 📊
🟢 10% – Team
✔️ Our dedicated team is committed to the project’s success.
Lock-in period: One week after launch to ensure a fair launch.📊
🟢 10% – comps, raffles and community activitys 







Tokenomics Overview (BSC)

🟢Buy Transaction: 7% total tax

➡️ Charity: 2%
➡️ LP (Liquidity Pool): 1%
➡️ Community Wallet: 1%
➡️ Marketing: 3%

🟢Sell Transaction: 8% total tax
➡️Charity: 2%
➡️Community Wallet: 2%
➡️LP (Liquidity Pool): 2%
➡️Marketing: 2%
✔️These tokenomics aim to foster community engagement, contribute to charitable causes, ensure liquidity, and support marketing efforts. If you have any further questions or adjustments, feel free to let me know.

The creation of this unique token is fueled by a vision. It’s a vision shared by crypto enthusiasts who understand the transformative potential of this technology and its ability to change the world. Together, we aspire to dream of reaching new heights, defying the odds, and proving that with a united community, anything is possible.



2% of all LOE trading volume will be directed towards  our very own LOE Community Wallet. Every seven days the LOE Community Wallet will give its bounty in BNB directly into the wallets of our beloved LOE holders!


We embark on a mission that’s both ambitious and heartwarming. You see, it’s not every day that you set aside a portion of your crypto for a charitable cause and patiently await a response from one of the world’s most influential figures. But that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We’re on a journey of unity, charity, and community, and we’re not here to just follow the norm. We believe in the extraordinary, in making the impossible possible. Our ultimate goal is to make a significant impact in the world through cryptocurrency.

Yes, we know it’s a big ask. Waiting for Elon Musk to respond, to tell us when and where to send the funds we’ve raised for charity, might seem like a daunting task. But here’s the thing: nothing truly meaningful is ever easy. Great changes require great efforts, and unity is the key.

By standing together, by believing in the power of community, we’re not just setting ourselves up for success; we’re redefining the possibilities. We understand that our voice, united and unwavering, will resonate far and wide.

This isn’t just about collecting funds; it’s about being a part of something bigger. It’s about proving that unity can break down barriers and create a better world. We’re not waiting for a response; we’re making a statement. We’re showing that the crypto community can make a difference.

So, let’s embrace the challenge, support our charity initiatives, and await that response from Elon. We’re not just building a community; we’re building a movement. Together, we’ll accomplish the extraordinary.

Stay united, stay strong, and let’s make the impossible happen!

Uniting for a Greater Purpose

We are a group of honest, passionate individuals who have always sought the best for everyone. We believe in the profound potential of unity, and we intend to harness this power to bring about meaningful change in the crypto space.

Elevating Cryptocurrency’s Impact

We aim to demonstrate that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can be a force for good in the world. By creating a unique token dedicated to Elon Musk, we hope to highlight the positive impact crypto can have on charitable causes and global betterment.

Supporting Charity and Humanity

A core purpose of our project is to raise funds for charity, inspired by Elon Musk’s philanthropic endeavors. We are committed to using our resources to make a positive difference in the world, and we eagerly await Elon’s guidance on where these funds can be directed for the greatest impact.

Educating and Inspiring

We also aim to educate and inspire individuals about the potential of cryptocurrencies, how they came to reshape the financial world, and the possibilities they offer for the future. By doing so, we want to empower people to engage in the crypto space thoughtfully.

Fostering a Strong Community

A vital part of our purpose is to build and nurture a vibrant and active community. Through various activities and initiatives, we ensure that our community members have the opportunity to earn and grow, fostering a sense of belonging and shared ambition.

Long-Term Success

We are dedicated to the long-term success of our project. Our goal is not only to reach the top but to stay there, continually evolving and contributing positively to the crypto ecosystem.



1. Telegram (TG) Creation

The launch begins with the creation of a Telegram community to bring together early supporters and keep them informed.

2. Community Building

At this stage, we focus on building and nurturing the community. Engage with community members, answer questions, and gather feedback.

3. Website Creation

Develop an informative and user-friendly website to serve as a central hub for project updates, token information, and community resources.

4. Start of First Competitions

Initiate the first wave of competitions, which may include various activities to engage the community, reward participants, and raise awareness.

5. Contract Creation

Develop and audit the smart contract for the EmpowerCoin token to ensure security and functionality.

6. Liquidity Pool (LP) Addition

Add an initial liquidity pool to enable trading and facilitate early transactions.

7. LP Lock

Lock the liquidity pool to provide confidence to the community and ensure liquidity stability.

8. Start of Buy Competitions

Launch buy competitions that offer incentives for purchasing EmpowerCoin, further promoting token adoption.

9. Start of Raid Competitions

Engage the community with raid competitions, fostering excitement and bringing in new supporters.

10. Start of Meme Competitions

Launch meme competitions that encourage creativity and the creation of content related to EmpowerCoin.

11. Start of Game Competitions

Initiate game competitions to bring an element of fun and interaction into the community.

12. Start of Trivia Competitions

Challenge the community with trivia competitions that test their knowledge and reward participants.

13. Start of Lottery

Introduce a lottery system, giving participants a chance to win tokens and experience the thrill of luck.

14. Listing on Different Sites

Seek listings on various cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges to expand accessibility and liquidity.

15. Start of Raffles

Launch raffles with exciting prizes to maintain community engagement and excitement.


ETH Launch

“Life of Elon” will also be launched on the ETH chain. COMING SOON!